How to eat the new op 80s

How to eat the new op 80s

But I did eat 1 and I got a little more lit then normal.. They look just like the OC 80s but say ABG on 1 side. yes its true the new op oxycontin suck but you have to.
How To Snort New Op Oxycodone Question: How to snort new. and SMOOTHLY go up and down the pill slowly eating away. U can only pop new 80s morans fucking kids on here are.
... it, just paid 80 a piece for 2 OP 80s. god damn it wtf am i supposed to do with this shit, does it still work as well if i just eat it??. of probably many posts about the new.
no new posts during last week Domain info for:. Just eat it.... What to grind op 80s with What to grind op 80s.
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But with these new OP larger pills. i notice most of the. and not only that. but we actually should start eating. I can get the generic green 80s, one for 25 or two for.
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i need to know how to shoot up opana.and if any one knows how to do the new op 80s id like to hear from ya thanks
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Has anyone used the new, reformulated Oxycontin? I get a bunch of 80mg Oxycontin. The coating, green on 80s for instance, has nothing to do with the time release.

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  • I see some good things comming out of the new "OP" oxycontin.

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    I expect the market to be Op 80's only sometime soon. Is this new coating gonna. to sell and I don't usually take full 80s anyways. Will I find my Oc 20s to have this new.

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    VICE | United States | The Definitive Guide to Enlightening. In The 80s - Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old The 250 Greatest '80s New Wave' Songs - DJ Funktual on HubPages Home & Garden - The New York Times How to snort new op oxy? - Detox Q&A - Ask Questions and Get. How to snort new op oxycontin? - Detox Q&A - Ask Questions and Get. .
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